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Altree Custody featured in Africa Fund Manager - "Custody Roundtable"

Altree Custody has recently been featured by Africa Fund Manager in its custody round table - March 2012 issue


Altree's African Securities Conference the largest in 7 Years

Altree is pleased to report that their annual African Securities Conference was the best ....



Network Management

Effective network management plays a critical role in safeguarding client assets

The network management department is responsible for ensuring that each underlying subcustodian provides the expected quality of service at all times and in accordance with our service level standards and contractual agreements. The investment market is constantly evolving and Altree Custody must continually assess new market participants.  By working closely with our clients, Altree Custody ensures the delivery of proactive and professional access services.

Altree Custody works with each of its underlying subcustodians to ensure transparent and timely transfer of financial data and information.   Data integrity is a citical component within the investment process, and a thorough risk assessment must be carried out before entering an indivdiual market. Ultimately, individual clients must ensure that they are both aware of and comfortable with securities market risk as well as the related tax / regulatory requirements which accompany investment into a specific domicile.

In addition to adding value and/or reducing risk along the settlement chain, an individual subcustodian is required to maintain a core presence throughout the jurisdiction in which it operates. Consequently, our subcustodian banks play an extremely important role in safeguarding assets on behalf of the clients. From the appointment of carefully selected subcustodians to ongoing monitoring of securities services; network management is an integral bridge between clients and subcustodians by ensuring access to the most competitive service-providers.

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